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Rio Valley Biofuels, LLC was the first commercial producer of biodiesel in the Southwest. We distribute biodiesel as well as diesel fuels and gasoline in Texas, New Mexico and the surrounding states.   Our feedstocks include a large variety of lipid oil sources including used cooking oil, crude cottonseed, tallow, sunflower, canola, soy, and a number of others.


The singular objective of Rio Valley Biofuels is to achieve the highest standards of quality in production of biodiesel and be recognized by its customer base as the industry standard for highest value.


In doing so, Rio Valley Biofuels nurtures an atmosphere of pride and ownership amongst its employees, such that the driving culture within our organization is to continually strive for the highest level of performance.


All biodiesl produced at our facility is produced to ASTM D6751 specifications. Our quality control program consists of extensive documentation of each batch produced along with testing at an independent certified lab.


Rio Valley Biofuels/Global Alternative Fuels is a Certified BQ9000 Producer.


The BQ9000 program is a fuel quality program modeled after ISO 9000 but designed for the biodiesel producer to ensure producers maintain the quality of the biodiesel produced. The certification is based on quality standards and testing of the following procedures:

  • Sampling
  • Testing
  • Storage
  • Retain Samples
  • Shipping


Our continuing goal is to provide affordable biodiesel to businesses and farmers in the Southwest. We started producing biodiesel in 2006 for sale locally to help businesses and farms in the area. We sell biodiesel blends in the El Paso, Texas area, throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and we ship bulk biodiesel throughout the western United States.


Rio Valley Biofuels/Global Alternative Fuels is committed to producing biodiesel that meets and or exceeds customer expectations for quality. We currently provide quality biodiesel year-round to a large customer base including, truck stops, school buses, government fleets, commercial fleets, farms, and individuals.


Our company is recognized as a leader in the local community as we provide employment and growth opportunity to residents and businesses in our area. We lead by example in contributing to a cleaner environment, as well as reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil.


Our number one priority is safety...


The health and safety of the individual employee, whether in the field or in the office, takes precedence over other concerns. Management's goal is to reduce the risk of accidents, personal injury, and occupational illness, and to comply with safety and health standards. Management's goal is very simple to measure-No Mishaps. That means no lost time, no reportable incidents, and no uncontrolled releases of contamination into the environment.

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